Wedding Ready Fitness

Lost 2 stone 4lbs so far

Gone from size 26 to size 22 (and still going)

25-30 Age

Photographer, Retail Manager

Engaged, and 1 sister

I am the JAFFA CAKE monster.. Kids you better watch out as there is no such thing as a full or half moon! Just ECLIPSE, ECLIPSE!

 ‘I haven’t had time to eat!’

Light bulb moment:
I was hunting for the perfect wedding dress & having tried on some horrendous ‘tents’ disguised as wedding dresses I vowed to shed the weight!

Fitness goal:

I want to be able to run the Race for Life 10k next summer

Main motivation:

Seeing my results every week spurs me on to do bigger and better the following week

Speed of results:

Very impressed with my results – but required a lot of hard work form myself!

I first noticed around about a month after I started

How long have you been with Lee’s Fitcamp?
 I have been with Lee for just over 4 months

Where do I attend? 
Yate & Bradley Stoke

How did I find the programme? I saw Lee’s mugshot in the Bradley Stoke gym & emailed him as soon as I got in

Which programmes do I use?
I take part in Personal Training once a week with Lee. I also go Indoor Cycling up to twice a week

Well what can I say about Lee? All I know is making that decision to contact him was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made.

I had all these stereotypical views about Personal Trainers and he blew all those out of the water! If you’re worried about what people think of you – don’t be. 

Lee doesn’t judge & listens to all your goals/concerns and adapts a training plan to suit you & your fitness level. 

I am extremely pleased with my results so far and I can guarantee you will never forget your first session with him – I sure haven’t!