Testimonial - Lee Fellows Personal Training in Yate and Bradley Stoke Bristol # 1(C) - consent requried to reproduce this content Mike Bristol Half Marathon

Lost a lot of weight before coming to see Lee for help on getitng stronger and toning up.

Before 21 stone, after 13.5 stone – weight loss of 7.5 stone.

Waist 49″ to 34″

Neck 20.5″ to 14.5″ 


Retail advisor and volunteer

Age 33-40

Redundancy gave me the turning point in my life for change. I did marathon walking (walking from Thornbury to Bristol and back and got through many trainers on the way!). Lost 7 stone in 7 months.

I learnt to stop putting off what I could finish today!

Living in the present. Enjoying the company you meet along the way and trying to inspire others.

Feeling healthy is great. Since losing the weight, I’ve done an assault course, run the Bristol half marathon (2h1minute). zip lined through the Thai rainforest, traveled solo across South East Asia and even tried a Zumba class!

That’s not to say it’s been easy. Losing weight was the first part.. keeping it off is the hardest part!

I fancied trying a new gym routine.  Group classes are a great way to meet people as the gym and long walks can be a very solitary experience.

I found the leaflet outside the gym at BS leisure centre.

I joined with a friend who was feeling scared of what people might think!

You’ll also find it great to share experiences and encourage each other.