Testimonial - Lee Fellows Personal Training in Yate and Bradley Stoke Bristol # 1(C) - consent requried to reproduce this content

Lost 5KG(approx)                                    

Gains in strength and definition.



5 year old daughter

Lightbulb moment:

Fed up with complaining/needed action!

Fitness goal:
Fitter, stronger, leaner

Main motivation:
To have a fit body!

To get ripped

Enjoy it, be patient and see the change

How long have you been with Lee?
End of June 2012

Where do you go?
Yate and BS

How did you hear of the programme?
Saw Lee around the gym, friend introduced me to his spinning class

Which classes do you attend?
121, Indoor Cycling, Group PT and 8 week programme

I never really thought about having a ‘Personal Trainer’, I always thought it was something that only ‘ladies who lunch’ did! 

Having joined the gym over 10 months ago, I felt I wasn’t really pushing myself on my own. Around 2 months ago, a friend of mine invited me to one of Lee’s Indoor Cycling classes. I’ve become an addict! 

Following on from Indoor Cycling, I then joined Lee’s 1-2-1 programme and Group PT sessions and found that he’s able to take my workouts to whole other level. 

Not only does he make you work hard and motivate you, he also injects fun into his sessions. 

Thanks to Lee, and a whole lot of sweat, I am very confident about getting REAL results!