Lost and maintained a lot of weight on Weight watchers 

Came to Lee’s fitness classes to help me shape up and take my fitness to the next level

40-45 age bracket

IT Administrator


A bit of a Jekyll and Hyde approach to nutrition – I eat healthily at mealtimes but if I stray and have something a bit sugary, I turn into a crazed snack-scoffing fiend

The Invisible Doughnut Monkey made me do it

Lightbulb moment 
Learning to ignore the Friday muffins at work and to close my ears to the evil call of the Maltesers in the vending machine.

Fitness Goal
A full press-up to the ground and up again (about half way there at the moment!)

Main motivation
To keep active and feel well and full of energy
Commitment is doing the thing you said you’d do, long after the feeling you said it in has passed

Time will pass, whatever you do or don’t do. If you do nothing, nothing changes, but if you keep on taking small positive steps, in time they will become huge improvements

How long been with Lee? Since September 2011

Where do you attend?
Yate Leisure Centre

How did you hear about the programme?
Saw a group of people from the Weight Loss and Fitness Club running across Yate Common and asked how I could join in

Testimonial - Lee Fellows Personal Training in Yate and Bradley Stoke Bristol # 1(C) - consent requried to reproduce this content

“I’ve been training with Lee since September 2011 and am fitter now in my 40s than I’ve ever been before. 

I’ve lost weight, reduced my body fat percentage, and am seeing real differences in my body shape. I was a bit nervous about attending the first Diet and Fitness Club but Lee’s enthusiasm for fitness is infectious and the positive and encouraging atmosphere he creates is really inspiring. 

You’ll never do the same workout twice, and he keeps pushing you so you keep gaining in fitness. There’s no Army Bootcamp-style yelling in Lee’s sessions, just a real sense of fun and teamwork which is why so many of us keep signing up. Do yourself a favour and give it a go!”

The picture to the left is me savouring the diesel fumes from the pleasure boats during a one mile open water swim in Derwent Water at the Keswick Mountain Festival in 2010. I look so happy I must be near the finish line.