Ian Fletcher testimonial

Ian Fletcher – Testimonial for Lee Fellows. I cannot write this and tell you I have shed stone upon stone in weight or that I have been on a journey. Am I now wearing smaller sized clothes? Can I now wear slim fit shirts? Answer to both is a resounding yes. The confidence it has given me is priceless. From being a fit and active teenager, the years of student life and less than active living had certainly taken its toll on my body and therefore my confidence. Without knowing what to do about my expanding waist line ‘and amazed at how normal tasks would make me out of breath’ , As usual I took the easy option of doing nothing for years, flirting with a gym membership and quickly losing enthusiasm, thinking about exercise was about as far as I ever got. As I was hurtling towards my mid thirties something had to give, a choice had to be made, a life as an unfit overweight bloke or the alternative, healthy fit ready for the future. As usual without much enthusiasm I was heading down the doing nothing route until my other half took the lead and suggested (politely) I signed up for an 8 week fitcamp with Lee Fellows starting in June 2013. Again I attended under duress and completed the ‘week one – fitness test’. Lee helped me through week one as passing out or throwing up seemed my only option at times. This really hit home how unfit I allowed myself to become. Through the next months Lee kept me motivated to not only keep attending but also completing the four exercise sessions per week admittedly sometimes only guilt of not completing them made me complete them but they were done all the same. The sheer fact I had to let Lee know when I had done some exercise compelled me to go for that run when I really did not want to. The difference’s after the first 8 weeks were not massive, my weight had dropped slightly, my BMI had dropped as had my percentage body fat, I was expecting miracles after 8 weeks, my disappointment was clear. Lee reassured me that it was all positive and to keep going, I did. Committed and enthusiastic for the first time in years I took on a second 8 week fitcamp. This time I also attended Lee’s Group PT class once a week and the occasional Spin class. This made the difference I was looking for. Exercising in a group in my opinion is so much better than individually, the team ethos and camaraderie that is present in all Lee’s classes really makes the difference. You get pulled along when it hurts not just by Lee but also by everyone else in the group. My work with Lee is ongoing and I have just started my fourth straight 8 week fitcamp. The changes in my body and mind is not easily measured on the scales, yes my overall weight is less, I have now learnt that the figure on the scale is of little significance, the changes in the size of clothes I have to wear is how I judge things and I am in smaller clothes than I have been since my teenage years. What Lee has given me is a desire to exercise, ‘a drive to work hard’, to test myself it is surprising what can be achieved with hard work. The ethos of ‘if it hurts, push harder’ is one I like to try to strive towards in every session. If you are still reading this then hopefully you have identified with some of the things I have said and must still be interested. So I urge you to give a go, honestly what is the worse that can happen? You get tired and never return. The best? You could allow Lee motivate you, encourage you and you too can make a permanent change to your lifestyle to get fit and therefore healthy for your future whatever it holds. Bradley Stoke member