Herbalife weight loss programmes.

Do you need help controlling your nutrition? Are you constantly snacking on the wrong foods? Do you want to generally feel better? If so take a look at the various weight controlling packages attached which include:- World famous Formula 1 shake – basically nutritious food, add fruit, oats to taste or make your own sexy shake! Herbal Tea – ‘fat burning tea’ as its called. Guess what it does?! Multivitamin complex – contains all the essential vitamins and minerals do you meet your daily requirement. Fiber and herb – helps you reach your daily 25g target, also gives your pipes a good clean through! Let me know if you want to sample any products. For those who regularly use the products let me know what you require as ill be ordering on Friday:-) http://www.thewellnessstore.co.uk/herbalife_weightmanagement_weightloss_programmes.asp?DistId=27341