Herbalife works out as little as £2 per meal!

Nutritional Advice

Nutrition is 80% of the battle so they say, with Herbalife® you are given food menus to follow each week and alongside a comprehensive range of products you will have more energy, feel better, stronger and lose weight!  I have found personal success using Herbalife® and so have many of clients.   

These supplements cater for different fitness goals such as dieting and losing weight, through to having fuel to complete hard training sessions.

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Herbalife Breakfast club with Lee Fellows

Herbalife with Lee Fellows: Weight ManagementWeight Management Programme

Herbalife with Lee Fellows: Quick StartQuickstart Programme

Herbalife with Lee Fellows: Meal ReplacementMeal replacement bars

Herbalife with Lee Fellows: Energy BoostingEnergy Boosters

Herbalife with Lee Fellows: Performance enhancement and recoveryEnhance Performance and Speed up Recovery

Benefits of Herbalife®

Does Herbalife® Work?

“I feel less bloated taking these”
Kay, 41
“Effective and worth it”
Cheryl, 32
Highly impressive Lee Fellows 
“Great taste, easy to take and I get results”
Catrina, 46

Firstly congratulations on becoming part of the Herbalife family and 24sports.tv team, on behalf of the team…welcome!

To get started and receive your 1st batch of core products you can join Herbalife at www.myherbalife.com

You will need to pay the licence fee of £94 which includes £90 of products (Which will be mailed to you directly). 

Once you have bought the licence, we will start teaching you how to find customers and make money.  Typically part time, someone with just 10 customers will make £400-500 and still part time 25 customers will make around £1,250 per month. If you ever decided to go full time you can earn much larger figures by learning more aspects of how our business works.

Simply follow the points below on www.myherbalife.com to sign up
In the left hand column there is a big button marked “Apply Online to become a Herbalife Distributor
This will open a new window and you need to follow the steps.
Change your country of residence to UK
Your sponsors ID is 07Y0004570
The surname is FEL (short for FELLOWS)
Then say NO to being previously supplied with an International Business Pack.
It is then a case of following the instructions.
You will need either your driver’s licence or passport number.
(In a small number of cases you may have difficulty in submitting the form, if you do, just call me and I will organise a manual pack for you, it will just take a little longer to arrive).
Once you have completed this please let me know & I will organise your starter pack, I will also provide you access to the training and support systems and provide guidance on how to get started including business blueprint.

Any problems please call.

Lee Fellows
Herbalife Distributor and Personal Trainer
7734448459 Fellows52@gmail.com

Earn money as a Herbalife Distributor.