Herbalife works out as little as £2 per meal!

Nutritional Advice

Nutrition is 80% of the battle so they say, with Herbalife® you are given food menus to follow each week and alongside a comprehensive range of products you will have more energy, feel better, stronger and lose weight!  I have found personal success using Herbalife® and so have many of clients.   

These supplements cater for different fitness goals such as dieting and losing weight, through to having fuel to complete hard training sessions.

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Herbalife Breakfast club with Lee Fellows

Herbalife with Lee Fellows: Weight ManagementWeight Management Programme

Herbalife with Lee Fellows: Quick StartQuickstart Programme

Herbalife with Lee Fellows: Meal ReplacementMeal replacement bars

Herbalife with Lee Fellows: Energy BoostingEnergy Boosters

Herbalife with Lee Fellows: Performance enhancement and recoveryEnhance Performance and Speed up Recovery

Benefits of Herbalife®

Does Herbalife® Work?

“I feel less bloated taking these”
Kay, 41
“I got great results in 3 days”
Jo, 40
Highly impressive Lee Fellows 
“Great taste, easy to take and I get results”
Catrina, 46

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