About me

I have been in the fitness industry for over 12 years now, in which time I have worked in a number of roles from Fitness Instructor, Duty Manager and Regional Manager. I can honestly say the last 18 months spent Personal Training in Bristol has been the most rewarding.

Lee Fellows personal trainer. REPs Olympic lifting, dietary guidelines, nutrtion and nutritional counselling, advanced cv conditioning, advanced pt personal training, Kettle Bells, Pre and Post Natal fitness, Group Cycling and Spinning, Circuits


99% of the people that have trained with me have found the exercise fun, rewarding and have achieved their goals (just ask them)! Working with people in the gym it’s important to remember that everyone ‘has a goal!’  But, given that 80% of people who exercise DO NOT EXERCISE ENOUGH to achieve their goal, are pretty much wasting their time and will fail. I aim to address this issue and resolve it for all my clients.


What I have learnt to do over the past 18 months is to create a product which suits all budgets, helps to improve client retention to their training and is fun! My 8 week ‘weight loss and fitness club’  Fitcamp gives clients the opportunity to work at their own pace and to monitor via a food diary what they eat, then add a bit of discipline and the results have been phenomenal! 80% of the people who attend the programme continue to do so, therefore there is no ‘drop off’ from their exercise.


They say Nutrition is 80% of the battle.  With Herbalife® you are given food menus to follow each week and alongside a comprehensive range of products you will have more energy, feel better, stronger and lose weight!

For more details on this, have a look at my Herbalife® nutrition page and kick start your diet and reduce those destructive cravings.  It’s affordable and convenient nutrition.

Motivational Diagram - Drink water, eat right, exercise, discipline, pma, motivation, making time, herbalife will equal the zone. With Lee Fellows Yate, Bradley Stoke Mon-Sat - check out www.leefellowspersonaltraining.co.uk for timetable.

Whatever your goals, they are achievable.

I became overweight after a series of personal stressors overwhelmed my life.  Back in April 2012 I weighed 108Kg, and a BMI rated ‘overweight’.

I was never ‘big’ but I started  running 4 spin classes a week as a service for my client base, then I combined indoor cycling with my own training and with the help of the Herbalife® weight loss products I have lost over 2 stone and now sit at 90Kg and ‘normal weight’.

My Top Tips

1. Exercise at least 4 times a week for 45 minutes or more at an intensity that causes you to sweat on the RPE scale (Rate of Perceived Exertion) around 7-8.

2. Consume a balanced diet, low in saturated fat and sugar, and drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

3. Have the discipline to do the above and make small sacrifices e.g., get up early to exercise, train at home when the kids have gone to bed, cut out ‘chocolate/alcohol from your diet.

Lee Fellows completes first triathlon. You can too with my help and guidance.

1. How long have you been Personal Training?
12 years! At Esporta, Leisure Connection, Your Personal Training and Freelance. I have trained over 130 clients in all

2. What’s the secret to achieving a fitness goal?
You have to have a plan in order to get to where you want to go. I have had Personal Training myself in the past so I know the difference it makes first hand

3. Favourite food?
I love a good curry!

4. Favourite football team?
Leeds United and Middlesbrough for my sins

5. Favourite City?
Bristol! (And Leeds)

6. Dream holiday would be?
Caribbean Cruise

7. Favourite exercise?
Kettle bell training, great for weight loss, strength and conditioning

8. Greatest achievement?
Completing my 1st triathlon in 2010! 

9. Favourite pop group?
Oasis and Brother Beyond

10. In 5 years I will….?
Win the lottery and hopefully have retired!