Testimonial Bradley Stoke

My personal journey begun Spring 2013, being in my last year of my twenties I wanted to start my 30’s fit and ready for the next chapter of my life. My workouts over the years has consisted of fitness DVDs, the occasional swim & class and a couple boot camp programs. What I was after now was to step up the level and intensity and make ‘working out’ as part of my life than a chore. I knew that the gym didn’t appeal to me as I wouldn’t be able to commit (previous gym memberships to numerous gyms taught me that throughout the years) so the best option for me was class based. After searching online I stumbled across Lee Fellows website, turned up to a Group PT session at Bradley Stoke and I was simply hooked. Since then, I continue to go to Group PT and have also done the Fit Camp programs and now on my 4th program! What I love about the program/classes is that they are varied and never easy so you are always challenging yourself. I am so much fitter than I have ever been in years, toner, trimmer and can do full press ups which I never thought I could do! I actually look forward to going to class! Lee made me feel so welcome, he is motivating and encouraging and keeps you in check with the regular texts and Facebook updates which certainly helps with keeping me on track. I have met some wonderful people in class; it pretty much feels like a family. I’m 30 this February, I guess I can say that I have certainly reach my goal of ‘Getting Fit for 30’ and working out is pretty much part of my life than a chore. Wendy Ha – Bradley Stoke member