Elaine Godfrey testimonial

Elaine Godfrey Testimonial Since having my three children I have never returned to my normal pre kids weight. I met Lee two years ago and managed to lose 1 stone 10 pounds in 10 weeks for a family wedding. Since then I got complacent again and never really lost the remaining weight. I decided enough was enough and decided to lose weight for me and not for an occasion. I started in August 2013 by contacting Lee and doing 4 sessions a week including weekly 121’s. I admit, I hated spinning and exercise in general. It is now December and I have lost 1 stone, am just slightly addicted to spinning and generally feeling good about a disappearing me! I have 1 stone left to lose and am looking forward to seeing the end result. My attitude to exercise has totally changed. I no longer see it as just a way to lose weight. It is enjoyable, sociable and is becoming a way of life. Lee constantly reminds us he is in the background, daily updates, regular texts and generally niggling away encouraging us on diet and exercise. Truthfully I don’t think I could have done this without Lee. The other man in my life!