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Maxine Cowley Drew – testimonial

I used to go to the gym 3 times a week with my friend, chat for about an hour, and then leave having barely broken into a sweat. Then I met Lee and booked 6 one-to-one sessions just to see what it was like. That was 2 years ago and I am still working out with Lee twice a week in the Group PT sessions. My fitness has gone from strength to strength and each session is challenging and rewarding. Lee is a great trainer; he is always encouraging, he has the patience of a Saint and pushes you beyond all the boundaries and limitations you set yourself. Just when you think you can’t possibly do any more squat jumps, Lee has you doing 5 more and you realise you CAN actually do it. I would recommend having some one-to-one sessions to kick-start your fitness regime, but then join one of the groups too. Everyone is really friendly and it’s a very encouraging, and usually quite fun, way to work out.


Nigel Hopwood – testimonial

I have just turned 50 – and have always considered myself reasonably “fit and healthy” having been a member of the gym for years, plus I always swim at least twice a week and used to run loads when I was younger. My opinion of Personal Trainers was “what can they do for me…that I cannot do myself”?? Well a chance meeting with Lee at the B.Stoke Gym in Jan 2012 changed that! – I was looking at one of his boot camp leaflets when he “caught me” and said “why not give it a try”? – I thought, oh well… may as well give it a go (but was not convinced) anyway, over the following 12 weeks I realised I was not as fit as I thought I was. (most people going into the gym do the “same old routine” and don’t push themselves, and I fell into that category) at the end of the 12 weeks I had significantly increased my fitness level, and improved my overall body tone. I still go to some of his sessions, and they are always varied (I have done exercises I had never even heard or thought of!) and enjoyable – always with some good banter! – Age is NO barrier, and Lee encourages you without being over pushy. There is a good variety of people in his sessions, of all ages & levels of fitness, but he does a great job of including everyone ,and encourages you to work hard so you see real results. Its not expensive, and in my opinion money spent on your health and fitness is well worth it. Give it a try – what have you got to lose? Nigel Hopwood


Lisa Bracey – testimonial

There’s a personal trainer called Lee I called hoping he’d help find a new me, The first session was tough But once a week’s not enough Now I find myself doing at least two or three. Lisa Bracey


Tina Polak – testimonial

Almost eighteen months ago I saw an advert for Lee’s ‘Bootcamp’ on a table in the Leisure centre. While I was reading it a guy appeared over my shoulder and said ‘Go on, sign up’ I explained that I was over 50, overweight ,unfit and would never be seen in a gym kit. The guy turned out to be Lee who assured me that I would fit in very well with his group and many of the others felt the same. I persuaded a friend to come with me and we have never looked back. Many of my friends want to lose weight or become fitter but never do anything about it. I found that the more exercise I did the more I wanted to do, so it had a ‘knock on’ effect and I went back to swimming that I hadnt done for years and am now considering entering a ‘Tough Mudder’ event! I won’t be able to run all the way, I may not be strong enough to complete some of the obstacles but I do have enough confidence and determination to have a go and have fun. Lee is a fantastic trainer, very professional and very knowledgable. He pushes you but never shouts or bullies you. He will change the exercises we do if you have specific health problems ( I have fairly dodgy knees)! so you never feel left out or awkward. Doesn’t matter what ‘size’ you are, doesn’t matter if you can’t run, do a press up or balance on one leg. Lee and the rest of the group will welcome you, encourage you and never judge you. You have nothing to lose except weight! and everything to gain especially fitness, confidence and friends!



Good advice!

Takes time folks, give yourself a year to turn it around! #positive #fitness #weightloss #diet #gloucester IMG_1862.JPG

Don’t be a 20% – er!!!

20% of people who embark on a new fitness plan don’t stick it out and quit after only 3 weeks!! Send me a message to arrange an informal chat about your 2015 fitness goals.