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FAT V MUSCLE DEBATE – HERE’S THE PROOF! #weightloss #gloucester #fitness

Bristol Post - Featuring Lee Fellows Personal Weight Loss Expert personal trainer Lee Fellows I’m 53, fat and unfit. At the moment I’m so fat that walking up stairs leaves me breathless and my heart pounding. My fasting blood sugar level is now seven, which means I’m technically diabetic and, if I don’t sort myself out, I’ve just got a life of illness and restriction ahead of me. I’m at a crossroads, and I’m determined to take the right path. I have struggled with food all my life, though it’s only been in the past 10 years that weight has become a real problem. I currently weigh 93kilos (which is about 14st 6lbs) – and, as a woman with a small frame at 5ft 4ins, that means that I’m fat! I used to be a freelance artist and lived in Spain for seven years, painting and exhibiting my work, but when my marriage broke up in 1993 and I came back to the UK, I found I couldn’t paint. It was a huge block. I didn’t know what to do. This feels like a time to stop and take a breath, something I haven’t had the time or energy to do for the past 20 years. My son is now 24 and living in London and it’s time to change my life – lose weight, get fit, make time to meditate and start living in the present instead of worrying about the future. I started going to Lee Fellows’ classes exactly a year ago, but motivation has been difficult. At the beginning I thought that a few hours’ exercise a week was all it took and I could continue to eat “normally”, but I now realise that exercise alone will never be enough for the average person and that a good diet is essential. Two years ago, I walked alone across Spain (550 miles). When I started I really doubted I could do it. Although I wasn’t the weight I am now, I was still 80 kilos, so I decided that the only way to complete the walk was to not even think about giving up and to break up the journey into three-day chunks. I’d pick the name of a place I liked the sound of that was about three days away and that would be my focus. Four weeks later I had completed the whole journey, and I knew then I could do anything I put my mind to. And this is how I’m going to approach weight loss and exercise. My goal is to lose 30 kilos and to run the Bristol Half Marathon in September for my dad, who is an ex athlete and now in his 80s. I can walk the distance if necessary (though I want to run most of it) but to lose 30 kilos? The only way I can do it is to break it up into five-kilo chunks. I’ve tried every diet going; my last was the paleo diet (based upon eating wholesome foods similar to that consumed by our hunter-gatherer ancestors during the Paleolithic era, or Stone Age). I’ve also tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World, vegan and vegetarian diets, the Mediterranean diet, GI diet, Atkins….but I know now that there are no quick fixes, no magic formulae, nothing apart from having the desire to lose weight and get fit that is stronger than a desire for chocolate and wine. It’s a state of mind. So, here I am! I want other people to read this and know that there’s hope, not just through Lee’s classes, although they are a huge help as he’s an inspiring and talented trainer, but that there’s hope in everyone, somewhere. It’s just about taking time to find it. I’m currently going to Lee’s boot camp on a Friday and usually a spin class on a Wednesday, but I also plan to take lots more classes with Lee as well one-to-one sessions with him. There are only four months until the Bristol Half Marathon and I will do all it takes to run this for myself and my dad. We’ll be following Yvonne’s progress. For more about Lee Fellows’ boot camp, see page 13. Read more:  Follow us: @thisisbristol on Twitter | thisisbristol on Facebook

Yvonne Parks experience of Lee’s Bootcamps, Spinning and PT Bradley Stoke

Yvonne Parks – Bootcamps, Spinning and PT Bradley Stoke

I signed up for my first boot camp with Lee almost 2 years ago and have continued with Lee doing more boot camps, 121s, PT and spin classes. I was very nervous as I’m in my 50s and very overweight, but he was friendly and welcoming and has the gift of making you feel like anything is possible.

What are the classes like?

He takes time to get to know everyone personally and he really cares about people. He has made me feel motivated and I’ve done things I never thought possible – planks, spin, weights. His classes are fun and although I still struggle with eating issues, I’m much stronger and fitter and I know that with his help I will reach my goals. I’ve recommended Lee to several friends who have also joined his classes and we all think he’s a great trainer. I am so glad I took that first step and feel very fortunate to be part of his group.

Final Verdict

I would recommend him to anyone. Whatever your age, size or fitness level, you’ll be sure of a genuine warm welcome and you’ll feel that with Lee, your goal is achievable and he’ll be with you every step of the way – Yvonne Parks

Having lost my motivation for the gym and hitting a brick wall with weight loss I decided to book some PT sessions with Lee. I have now been training with Lee for just over 18 months, completing boot camps, spin sessions and 1-2-1 sessions. Lee gives me the encouragement and motivation I need to stick to my training plan as well as giving sound advice. The group sessions are always great fun and the people are lovely which makes it a pleasure to go! I would recommend Lee and his activities to anyone, give it a go!! Sami Doyle, Bradley Stoke member

Ian Fletcher – Testimonial for Lee Fellows. I cannot write this and tell you I have shed stone upon stone in weight or that I have been on a journey. Am I now wearing smaller sized clothes? Can I now wear slim fit shirts? Answer to both is a resounding yes. The confidence it has given me is priceless. From being a fit and active teenager, the years of student life and less than active living had certainly taken its toll on my body and therefore my confidence. Without knowing what to do about my expanding waist line ‘and amazed at how normal tasks would make me out of breath’ , As usual I took the easy option of doing nothing for years, flirting with a gym membership and quickly losing enthusiasm, thinking about exercise was about as far as I ever got. As I was hurtling towards my mid thirties something had to give, a choice had to be made, a life as an unfit overweight bloke or the alternative, healthy fit ready for the future. As usual without much enthusiasm I was heading down the doing nothing route until my other half took the lead and suggested (politely) I signed up for an 8 week fitcamp with Lee Fellows starting in June 2013. Again I attended under duress and completed the ‘week one – fitness test’. Lee helped me through week one as passing out or throwing up seemed my only option at times. This really hit home how unfit I allowed myself to become. Through the next months Lee kept me motivated to not only keep attending but also completing the four exercise sessions per week admittedly sometimes only guilt of not completing them made me complete them but they were done all the same. The sheer fact I had to let Lee know when I had done some exercise compelled me to go for that run when I really did not want to. The difference’s after the first 8 weeks were not massive, my weight had dropped slightly, my BMI had dropped as had my percentage body fat, I was expecting miracles after 8 weeks, my disappointment was clear. Lee reassured me that it was all positive and to keep going, I did. Committed and enthusiastic for the first time in years I took on a second 8 week fitcamp. This time I also attended Lee’s Group PT class once a week and the occasional Spin class. This made the difference I was looking for. Exercising in a group in my opinion is so much better than individually, the team ethos and camaraderie that is present in all Lee’s classes really makes the difference. You get pulled along when it hurts not just by Lee but also by everyone else in the group. My work with Lee is ongoing and I have just started my fourth straight 8 week fitcamp. The changes in my body and mind is not easily measured on the scales, yes my overall weight is less, I have now learnt that the figure on the scale is of little significance, the changes in the size of clothes I have to wear is how I judge things and I am in smaller clothes than I have been since my teenage years. What Lee has given me is a desire to exercise, ‘a drive to work hard’, to test myself it is surprising what can be achieved with hard work. The ethos of ‘if it hurts, push harder’ is one I like to try to strive towards in every session. If you are still reading this then hopefully you have identified with some of the things I have said and must still be interested. So I urge you to give a go, honestly what is the worse that can happen? You get tired and never return. The best? You could allow Lee motivate you, encourage you and you too can make a permanent change to your lifestyle to get fit and therefore healthy for your future whatever it holds. Bradley Stoke member

Elaine Godfrey Testimonial Since having my three children I have never returned to my normal pre kids weight. I met Lee two years ago and managed to lose 1 stone 10 pounds in 10 weeks for a family wedding. Since then I got complacent again and never really lost the remaining weight. I decided enough was enough and decided to lose weight for me and not for an occasion. I started in August 2013 by contacting Lee and doing 4 sessions a week including weekly 121’s. I admit, I hated spinning and exercise in general. It is now December and I have lost 1 stone, am just slightly addicted to spinning and generally feeling good about a disappearing me! I have 1 stone left to lose and am looking forward to seeing the end result. My attitude to exercise has totally changed. I no longer see it as just a way to lose weight. It is enjoyable, sociable and is becoming a way of life. Lee constantly reminds us he is in the background, daily updates, regular texts and generally niggling away encouraging us on diet and exercise. Truthfully I don’t think I could have done this without Lee. The other man in my life!
My personal journey begun Spring 2013, being in my last year of my twenties I wanted to start my 30’s fit and ready for the next chapter of my life. My workouts over the years has consisted of fitness DVDs, the occasional swim & class and a couple boot camp programs. What I was after now was to step up the level and intensity and make ‘working out’ as part of my life than a chore. I knew that the gym didn’t appeal to me as I wouldn’t be able to commit (previous gym memberships to numerous gyms taught me that throughout the years) so the best option for me was class based. After searching online I stumbled across Lee Fellows website, turned up to a Group PT session at Bradley Stoke and I was simply hooked. Since then, I continue to go to Group PT and have also done the Fit Camp programs and now on my 4th program! What I love about the program/classes is that they are varied and never easy so you are always challenging yourself. I am so much fitter than I have ever been in years, toner, trimmer and can do full press ups which I never thought I could do! I actually look forward to going to class! Lee made me feel so welcome, he is motivating and encouraging and keeps you in check with the regular texts and Facebook updates which certainly helps with keeping me on track. I have met some wonderful people in class; it pretty much feels like a family. I’m 30 this February, I guess I can say that I have certainly reach my goal of ‘Getting Fit for 30’ and working out is pretty much part of my life than a chore. Wendy Ha – Bradley Stoke member


Yoga launches at LFPT! Get fit in 2015!!

So excited to be incorporating Yoga into Bootcamp in 2015 and session 7 of the 8 week programme!! Fantastic for strength, flexibility, circulation and power! #fitness #yoga #bristol #fitness #weightloss #gloucester The next launch starts December 5th at:- Bradley Stoke 6.30pm Yate 8pm Contact me to book a place £5 saving pp referred so why not bring a friend along.!