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Fallen off the wagon? Stuggling with motivation

Was 2014 going to be your year?  Fallen off the bandwagon after eating one too many KitKats? it’s easily done.. don’t feel disheartened!  According to a recent study only 8% of people succeed in their New Year goals and perhaps you need to try a different approach.  

Doing the same thing over and over to get the same results does not normally work; and will power (my definition of this would be to try and get your conscious mind to control your subconscious desires) is a very difficult process to achieve.    Why not just take a chance?    Pick up the phone (or send me an email via the Contact Link) and the rest we can work out..  Consistant small steps will snowball into big changes.. just check out the number of happy people in my testimonials page!

A variety of training options exist – Yate and Bradley Stoke

“I took the plunge and made the call, well text actually! Meeting date was set, no going back now, I thought! I have never looked back from the moment I joined Lee’s groups and everyone made me feel welcome. Lee offers continuous encouragement and support and a great networking system to stay in touch and remain motivated. I am stronger, fitter and more toned, just what I had set out to achieve. I lost weight, gained a varied fitness routine and I never feel bored as new exercises and routines are introduced. The whole nine month experience with Lee has made me realise how easy it was to make excuses, I became good at that! Looking forward to 2014 with new goals to be achieved, in my one to one and group sessions.” – Annette Parsons, Yate member


Recruiting now!

Recruiting now! If an extra £250+ a month would come in useful contact me for more details – full training given.