Monthly Archives: January 2014

Take it 1 step at a time

Tips to keep you motivated:- 1. Start today! Write down x3 realistic goals for the next 4 weeks eg: lose 4-8 pounds, jog for 15 minutes, plank for 2 minutes 2. Plan 4 exercise sessions for the next 4 weeks and stick to them no matter what life throws at you. Lasting 60 minutes per session. 3. Plan a ‘healthy’ 2 week food diary and stick to it. 4. Complete and repeat the above for month 2 after getting some discipline!

TRX for all over body fitness! Great work Annette

February’s 8 week BOOTCAMP is available to book now, so contact me today to secure your place. £5 saving per person referred at Bradley Stoke and Yate Leisure Centres


The 1st BOOTCAMPS of 2014 are well and truly under way with some fantastic numbers recorded in the fitness tests tonight at #yate and #bradleystoke . And all measurements and stats logged too. From planks to push ups, squats, bench press, sit ups and endurance wasn’t that bad was it folks!! The next 8 week bootcamp launches are in February so drop me an email at to make an enquiry.