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Indeed, #indeedanythingispossible

Or try a group cycle with me, members only or pay at Reception #sweat #hardwork #bootcamp #reachinggoals

Fantastic 2 launches last night at Bradley Stoke and Yate for the next instalment of the 8 week weight loss and fitness programme, each of you will train at least 32 times, consume over 400 glasses of water and eat over 200 healthy meals!!! Hopefully. Next launch in September so get in touch to join in. #fitnessfun #weighloss #bootcamp


Superb Group PT tonight at Yate, loads of swings with the kettle bells and all over body work, 5 minute leg raises to finish off those abs too!! Great motivation, commitment and sweat from everyone who trained today! Contact me if you wanna join in the fun:-)

Great Spin (group cycle) session tonight at Yate, fantastic effort and sweat levels from all who took part and over 700 calories burned up!! Spin (group cycle) is one of the best exercises for all over body fitness, great for leg strength and toning, improving core and back strength as well as upper body conditioning. Great playlist from Justin Bate-Williams too!! To book a bike just drop me a Facebook message/call or text:-)
Starting on the 30th August at:- Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre at 6.30pm Yate Leisure Centre at 8pm Text/call or email to book your place