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What’s better for weight loss, to train in the ‘fat burning zone’ or at a higher intensity? Example – person 1 walks for 20 minutes at 6km/h and burns 100 calories of which 80% and 80 calories are fat. Person 2 jogs at a gentle pace of 9km/h and burns 200 calories of which 65% and 130 calories are fat. Person 2 will lose weight quicker, get fitter quicker as they are burning more calories at a greater rate. Think ‘want quicker weight loss results’ = work harder!!!

Fitcamp Bootcamps starts in 2 days at Yate and Bradley Stoke 15 February

C’mon we’ve not got long until the next season of Fitcamp starts this Friday at Bradley Stoke and Yate Leisure Centre.

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Morning all.. A great spin was had last night at Yate, remember an average class burns iro 550 calories and considering a pound of fat is 3500 calories, it gives you an idea of the effort needed and multiple sessions each week if you’re in the middle of a weight loss battle!

Group PT will always be more or a toning session with squats, all over body moves, swings and ab work designed to improve your ‘lean body mass’ and give you that ‘ripped effect!’ This is why the 8 week programme has worked so well over the past 2 years as it combines both the CV and toning work alongside some sensible dietary changes.

Calorific Example: Calories in:- 1g of fat 9 cals 1g carbs 4 cals 1g alcohol 7 cals Feeling a little hungry in between meals?? you choose a packet of crisps for a snack and they are only 100 calories, though they could contain iro 9/10 grammes of fat meaning over 90% is fat!!

Bad food choice:( So, If its weight loss that’s your goal, keep doing your food diaries am logging calories so we can track every last one of the little beggers!! Well that’s today’s education over.. Have a great day and see some of you for group PT tonight at BS at 6pm and back at yate for group PT and spin tomorrow:)