Testimonial - Lee Fellows Personal Training in Yate and Bradley Stoke Bristol # 1(C) - consent requried to reproduce this content

Lost 7lbs and noticed it more with my clothes after dropping 2 dress sizes

49 – 55 age bracket

Commercial manager

Married with 2 sons

Fitness goal: 
To get fitter, lose weight, lose fat around abdomen

Main motivation : 
To get fitter as get older

‘Never give up’

Speed of results:
Not sure when I first notced changes, probably after 6 months or so when people remarked on how much weight I had lost (inches!) and that I had a waist again!

We help each other through the tough times and share in successes

Lee was recommended to me by my first trainer who was returning to University

Which classes do you do?
I do Group PT, Indoor Cycling, 121 PT and 8 week camp. I enjoy the variety, different types of exercise.  I get motivated by Lee but also other people in the group sessions

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started training with Lee in 2011 but I needn’t have worried as Lee quickly put me at ease. 

Since my first session I have dropped 2 dress sizes, my stamina and strength have increased and I am the fittest I have ever been. 

Whether Group, Personal Training or Spin sessions Lee makes them interesting and so much fun you forget you’re exercising! Lee’s positive outlook, motivation and reassurance mean my confidence has increased considerably.

If you’re prepared to work hard then with Lee’s advice and support you will achieve your goals. Never give up!