Testimonial - Lee Fellows Personal Training in Yate and Bradley Stoke Bristol # 1(C) - consent requried to reproduce this content

Weight loss: 3 stone

Biggest difference Overall fitness and strength (especially cardio)

Before: Tight 38” waist
After: Loose 36” waist

Age : 41

Occupation: Company Director

Family: Married with two very active boys

Vices: Bit of a foodie and enjoy a drink (frequently)

Excuse: Always manage to find one when required lol!

Lightbulb moment: The day my wife gave me one of Lee’s leaflets and decided, I could do that !!

Fitness Goal: To be 80 KGS

Main motivation: Competing with myself to go further and train harder for longer

Mantra: If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else bother!!

Tips: Stay focused and never give up wanting to be better

Speed of results:  19 months (training four times a week with a twenty five mile bike ride at the weekends)

How long been with Fitcamp :19 Months

Where do you attend: PT and Fitcamp at Bradley Stoke, Indoor Cycling at Yate

Found out about programm
e: My wife picked up a leaflet at Bradley Stoke and gave it to me; she knew I was very unhappy with my level of fitness and body shape