Justin says

 I first went to one of Lee’s ‘get fit for summer’ programmes in July 2011, wasn’t sure what to expect but for me at the time I simply wanted to get fit and healthier and just look after myself better. I didn’t know if Lee’s 8 week programme would help me with that but went along with an open mind.
Presently I’ve only missed one of his 8 week programmes and regularly go to his spin classes and have recently started doing 1-2-1 sessions with Lee and will keep on going.
The reason for this is due to Lee being very good at what he does and is very committed to helping you achieve your goals. He’s a very genuine, honest guy who prides himself on doing his job well and he does. He helps you feel comfortable and confident and will push you to work harder and do more than you first thought possible. He is someone that you can trust and feel safe with and he regularly checks in with you through the week, via texts, emails and Facebook (as yet, I’m not on Facebook but Lee keeps asking me to be). He also has a sense of humour and makes you feel at ease and is a very likeable guy.
Since starting these get fit programmes, I’ve lost 12kilos and have never felt fitter or better in myself and I’m loving the compliments I’m getting from friends on how good I look and because of this I feel good in myself and I’m really chuffed with what is happening to my overall fitness. Lee has helped me focus my training on the areas I need to work on and I value his input and trust his judgment, even if it hurts like hell afterwards but it gets easier and like they say ‘no pain no gain’. Lee also looks at your diet, alongside the exercise you’ll be doing and will give you advice and support and is always there to answer any questions you may have.
The one thing I will say is, you need to put the work in for you to feel the benefit but it will happen, at your own pace and you won’t be alone as everyone in the classes are there to support and encourage you and it doesn’t matter what your level of fitness is, everyone is there for the same reason and that is to achieve their own personnel goals.
I love going to these classes, not just for the benefits I’ve seen in myself but they are a right laugh and I look forward to seeing the regular faces that go and it’s like a family. We’re all shapes and sizes and ages but it’s well worth it and it works.
If you’re thinking about looking after yourself better, no matter whatever level you maybe, Lee is the guy for you and if you put the effort  in, you’ll get to where you want to be.

Christian says

“I’ve been training with Lee since September 2011 and am fitter now in my 40s than I’ve ever been before. 

I’ve lost weight, reduced my body fat percentage, and am seeing real differences in my body shape. I was a bit nervous about attending the first Diet and Fitness Club but Lee’s enthusiasm for fitness is infectious and the positive and encouraging atmosphere he creates is really inspiring. 

You’ll never do the same workout twice, and he keeps pushing you so you keep gaining in fitness. There’s no Army Bootcamp-style yelling in Lee’s sessions, just a real sense of fun and teamwork which is why so many of us keep signing up. Do yourself a favour and give it a go!”

Lucinda says

“I have been training with lee for over a year now and have had significant results because of him. I joined the gym but wasn’t seeing any results I then had a one to one session with Lee which was really good and I actually felt I had had a workout.

I decided to do Fitcamp, I started at size 16 and have done every Fitcamp since which is because I enjoy them so much they are fun and the groups always have really nice people in them I’m now size 10 after 3 children I never thought this would be achievable and I know this is down to Lee and the style in which he helps you train with the exercise, with food and with encouragement. 

I would recommend Lee to anyone as without him I wouldn’t now enjoy exercise and want to train rather than have to train for someone to change your mind-set like that has to be brilliant at their job.”

Lea says

“I made the decision to contact Lee when I was introduced to him via my sister, Vickie. All I can say is it was the best decision I’ve made so far & have seen my health dramatically improve. I find his approach to personal training fresh & innovating.

He takes everyone’s fitness level into account & tailors every session to their needs, as well as making it fun. 

Lee is very approachable and has made me feel more comfortable and confident about myself regarding my fitness and the way I see myself. I would gladly recommend him to anyone.”