Testimonial – Mike Hone, #Yate #member

Name – Mike Hone

Age – 53 years old

Occupation – Area Director

Married with two sons

Fitness Goal – Get fitter, lose weight and eat more healthier

Main motivation – Feel better about yourself – healthier

Mantre – It will be challenging, but stick with it. everybody helps each other along, with the sessions a wide variety of exercises and individuals.

Speed of Results – Started Lee’s boot camp class last October, continuing my other exercise activities within the gym.Since then I have lost 18kg, dropped two trouser sizes and don’t feel as though I am punishing myself with the better diet

General – I met Lee during my own gym sessions in the gym and got talking about exercise and diets. Initially I didn’t take up any classes, but Lee continued to talk about things that might help me, giving advice on some of the exercises that I was doing. My diary permitted and I eventually signed up for his Friday Boot Camp last October, and I haven’t looked back since, having followed through with three eight week sessions. I put my change down to eating more sensibly balanced with a better exercise routine.
There is a great rapport between Lee and his clients, with a wide variety of personalities within his classes. He challenges, but know’s who and when to push and has a group who are very supportive of each other. If you want to make a difference then speak with Lee, it has certainly changed me, which has been noticed my many others in and outside the gym!!
Thanks Lee