Why choose me?

Exercise 45 mins 4 times a week for results.

Lee Fellows Personal Training has 99% success rate for all his programmes.

Exercise classes by Lee Fellows are very fun!

Lee Fellows Fitcamps in Yate and Bradley Stoke are lots of fun. REPs 3 Personal Trainer

Get results by doing 45 minutes daily exercise 4 times a week

99% success rate.  Follow my advice.  Exercise and eat right

Lots of fun and classes are never boring.  Great people

You will be even happier and will enjoy the atmosphere

High satisfaction and client retention

 What’s stopping you?

  • Making the decision to exercise is something many of my clients have found before coming to join my programmes. In most cases, we find reasons not to exercise and this can become cyclical, to the point where you let yourself go and don’t look after yourself.
  • We only have one body which we need to look after with proper nutrition and regular exercise. Think of all the benefits you’ll reap once you get to your goals. You’ll feel more confidence, inspiration and be able to manage the daily grind of life more effectively


  • I can’t do it – well you don’t know until you’ve tried. 
  • No time – it’s rare to find someone who does not have 45 minutes to spare in their schedule, 4 times a week. I have trained the busiest of people from CEO’s to those with juggling jobs and it’s just a question of prioritising. The more important question is “am I worth the time?”
  • It costs too much – an 8 week Fitcamp programme works out as £6.25 per week which could equate to 12 chocolate bars, a fashion magazine or 20 minutes of phone credit.  You really can’t afford not to exercise!
  • What do I wear? – understandably this can become a barrier to exercise.  Lycra/Spandex is not essential.  You can wear what is comfortable providing it’s breathable and allows you to move.  If you are unsure of what to wear, ask me and in the near future, you’ll be able to buy workout clothes from my shop.
  • Boredom – doing the same exercise over and over not only gets boring (and has a higher rate of dropping out of exercise) it also can also lead to a lack of results. My programmes have variety, great music and lots of fun and laughter. The social element of being part of group will also help you to stay motivated. 


  • I’ll do it when I’ve lost the weight – at what point does this just become talk?
  • I’ll do it another day, I’ll wait till Monday, my birthday, the New Year comes around.  Remember how many New Year resolutions actually fail? 
  • Embarrassment – people will stare at me!  this rarely happens.  If you join my programmes, you’ll very quickly realise how much fun my classes are. The groups are so varied that there is not one particular type of person. I have clients from 16-70, a mix of male/female from all types of social backgrounds, covering Yate, Thornbury, Easter Compton, Winterbourne.

 What are your options?

121 Personal Training. One to One solution at very affordable rates. Get results quicker.

Group Exercise classes with Lee Fellows Personal Training in Yate and Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre

Popular 8 week Fitcamp run by Lee Fellows in Yate, Bradley Stoke

I have devised 3 different types of personal training solutions which cater for everyone’s budget.  

You just have to make the decision to commit to the program and I’ll help you with the rest!

I’m available 7 days a week-no obligation.

FREE TASTER AVAILABLE 121 PT benefits those who want to see even quicker results.

Affordable and enjoyable weekly classes to fit in with your lifestyle.

Gain confidence and improve your body with good results if you follow the plan.