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Or try a group cycle with me, members only or pay at Reception #sweat #hardwork #bootcamp #reachinggoals

Fantastic 2 launches last night at Bradley Stoke and Yate for the next instalment of the 8 week weight loss and fitness programme, each of you will train at least 32 times, consume over 400 glasses of water and eat over 200 healthy meals!!! Hopefully. Next launch in September so get in touch to join in. #fitnessfun #weighloss #bootcamp


Superb Group PT tonight at Yate, loads of swings with the kettle bells and all over body work, 5 minute leg raises to finish off those abs too!! Great motivation, commitment and sweat from everyone who trained today! Contact me if you wanna join in the fun:-)

Great Spin (group cycle) session tonight at Yate, fantastic effort and sweat levels from all who took part and over 700 calories burned up!! Spin (group cycle) is one of the best exercises for all over body fitness, great for leg strength and toning, improving core and back strength as well as upper body conditioning. Great playlist from Justin Bate-Williams too!! To book a bike just drop me a Facebook message/call or text:-)
Starting on the 30th August at:- Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre at 6.30pm Yate Leisure Centre at 8pm Text/call or email to book your place


REFERRAL OPPORTUNITY!! http://www.facebook.com/groups/430171850349005/permalink/615551641811024/
Very true!

WELLNESS COACHES NEEDED – contact me to discuss:)

Starting on Friday the 23rd August at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre at 6.30pm and also at Yate Leisure Centre at 8pm – contact me to book your place, £5 discount per person referred! 07734448459


Top BOOTCAMP tonight at Bradley Stoke in the evening sunshine!! Such a beautiful evening and would have been rude to stay in!




‘Recruitment morning – 27th July kingswood Leisure Centre, Bristol’ Come work with myself and my team at www.24sports.tv and earn over £500-£4k pcm in a full or part time basis. How? -working with the global number 1 health and nutrition brand ‘Herbalife’. -full training given -a clear path to progress through the marketing plan -free FitClub 1 day training course -full website/Facebook/twitter support pages. Must have an outgoing personality, the ability to work in a team and have the desire to succeed and grow your own business. Location: *Kingswood Leisure Centre, Bristol, 27th July at 10am. Bring a friend.

What’s it gonna be then??

Starts Tuesday 23rd July at Bradley Stoke leisure centre 8pm – 4 places left *Weekly weigh in *Food diary analysis *Discounts on 121 training.

Starts Saturday 20th July at 5.30 – 6 places left *Weekly weigh in *Food diary analysis *Discounts on 121 training.

Coming to Weston-s-Mare!!

Do you know a local football/rugby/hockey/any team anywhere in the South West and UK that is looking for sponsorship of up to £3k a year?? Inbox for details

Come work with me and my team at www.24sports.tv and earn over £500-£4k pcm in a full or part time basis. How? -working with the global number 1 health and nutrition brand ‘Herbalife’. -full training given -a clear path to progress through the marketing plan -free FitClub 1 day training course -full website/Facebook/twitter support pages. Must have an outgoing personality, the ability to work in a team and have the desire to succeed and grow your own business. *Free training day ‘what’s it all about’ on the 7th July in Cardiff if you want to attend and find out more. Bring a friend Contact: fellows52@gmail.com

New 8 week weight loss an fitness BOOTCAMP starts this Friday at Bradley stoke leisure centre at 6.30pm and Yate leisure centre at 8pm – get in touch to book a place. £5 saving per friend referred. Only 2 places left at each site. Results guaranteed


If its good enough for Christiano!! Contact me to order your weight loss or weight gain packs:)


2 stone weight loss in the last year, diabetic and ex-coca cola addict!! Well done Catrina.:)

THIS FRIDAY!! 2 days to go!! Weight loss and fitness BOOTCAMPS at Bradley stoke and Yate leisure centres:-)





Do you need help controlling your nutrition? Are you constantly snacking on the wrong foods? Do you want to generally feel better? If so take a look at the various weight controlling packages attached which include:- World famous Formula 1 shake – basically nutritious food, add fruit, oats to taste or make your own sexy shake! Herbal Tea – ‘fat burning tea’ as its called. Guess what it does?! Multivitamin complex – contains all the essential vitamins and minerals do you meet your daily requirement. Fiber and herb – helps you reach your daily 25g target, also gives your pipes a good clean through! Let me know if you want to sample any products. For those who regularly use the products let me know what you require as ill be ordering on Friday:-) http://www.thewellnessstore.co.uk/herbalife_weightmanagement_weightloss_programmes.asp?DistId=27341
Come work with me, Serious £££ to be made! w

New 8 week ‘GET FIT FOR SUMMER’ programme starting at Yate and Bradley Stoke leisure centres on:- Friday 14th June at 6.30pm Bradley Stoke. Friday 14th June at 8pm at Yate. Contact me to book your place *£5 saving pp referred

Check out the Free From F1 shake, lactose free and equally delicious as the regular F1 shake!

Bristol Post edition 10th May 2013 Mapping the weight loss journey from Yvonne Parks in her weight loss mission! #weightloss #bootcamp






Bradley Stoke, Saturday 11th May at 10am. Herbalife opportunity meeting where we will show you:- 1. HOW TO SET UP AND RUN AND MANAGE YOU’RE VERY OWN WELLNESS BUSINESS. 2. MONTHLY TRAINING GIVEN. 3. FREE WEBSITE, SUPPORT SITES AND MARKETING TOOLS. 4. TWICE MONTHLY MENTORING/SUPPORT SESSIONS. Plus much much more.. Honestly It’s that easy.. Contact me for details!

New 8 week BOOTCAMP starting this Saturday 11th May at Yate Leisure Centre, focussing on weight loss, fitness, flexibility. Contact me for details

It doesn’t have to be like this!

Contact me for details on how to get you started to a NEW you!



Herbalife business opportunity meeting :- *Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre , Bristol *11th May from 9am-12pm *Start earning ££££ that same day!! *We’re in a recession BUT our business is booming and we’ll show you how it’s done. *Free monthly sales training *Free website and access to www.24sports.tv training/sales tools and support *Free website profiling. *Doesn’t matter where you are in the UK, you can still join us. *Inbox me for details or check out www.24sports.tv ‘We’re building something very big here in Bristol – come join us!’ Lee:-)
Justin!! #fitnessfun

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Where are you now and where do you want to be??

8 days to register for next Bradley Stoke BOOTCAMP!! 4 places left http://twitter.com/leefellows252/status/322281085092372481/photo/1
‘The dipping bench!’

‘The hill 2!’

‘The Hill 1!’

‘Dipping bridge!’

NEW SUMMER BOOTCAMP coming to Bradley Stoke on the 19th April – contact me for details

Starts 19th April! Contact me to book your place.

HERBALIFE opportunity meeting this Saturday 23rd march at Bradley stoke leisure centre from 9.30-12pm – all welcome, we will show you how to run your own successful health and wellbeing business, message me for details £££££ to be made!!

Check this out!

Bit harsh!!

Reminder – Muscle weigh more than fat?? Don’t think so..

What’s better for weight loss, to train in the ‘fat burning zone’ or at a higher intensity? Example – person 1 walks for 20 minutes at 6km/h and burns 100 calories of which 80% and 80 calories are fat. Person 2 jogs at a gentle pace of 9km/h and burns 200 calories of which 65% and 130 calories are fat. Person 2 will lose weight quicker, get fitter quicker as they are burning more calories at a greater rate. Think ‘want quicker weight loss results’ = work harder!!!

Fitcamp Bootcamps starts in 2 days at Yate and Bradley Stoke 15 February

C’mon we’ve not got long until the next season of Fitcamp starts this Friday at Bradley Stoke and Yate Leisure Centre.

For more information visit http://www.leefellowspersonaltraining.co.uk/get-started-2/fitcamp/
If you've not checked out my reviews, why don't you have a look http://www.freeindex.co.uk/profile(lee-fellows-personal-trainer)_494102.htm  - 4.9/5 can't be bad

eed more proof? Check out my testimonials and success stories: http://www.leefellowspersonaltraining.co.uk/testimonials-2/

You can book online through my PayPal online store


Morning all.. A great spin was had last night at Yate, remember an average class burns iro 550 calories and considering a pound of fat is 3500 calories, it gives you an idea of the effort needed and multiple sessions each week if you’re in the middle of a weight loss battle!

Group PT will always be more or a toning session with squats, all over body moves, swings and ab work designed to improve your ‘lean body mass’ and give you that ‘ripped effect!’ This is why the 8 week programme has worked so well over the past 2 years as it combines both the CV and toning work alongside some sensible dietary changes.

Calorific Example: Calories in:- 1g of fat 9 cals 1g carbs 4 cals 1g alcohol 7 cals Feeling a little hungry in between meals?? you choose a packet of crisps for a snack and they are only 100 calories, though they could contain iro 9/10 grammes of fat meaning over 90% is fat!!

Bad food choice:( So, If its weight loss that’s your goal, keep doing your food diaries am logging calories so we can track every last one of the little beggers!! Well that’s today’s education over.. Have a great day and see some of you for group PT tonight at BS at 6pm and back at yate for group PT and spin tomorrow:)