JANUARY fitness challenge!!

‘January’s fitness challenge’ So let’s do this folks!! 31 consecutive days to be done anytime between the hours of 12am-11.59pm, a great way to kick of 2015 and start your New Year fitness with 1 almighty bang!! What do you need to do??? 1. 20 burpes (off a step is ok) 2. 25 push ups (1/2 is ok) 3. 25 squat jumps (or static squat) 4. 1 minute plank 5. 20 swings each arm (kettle bell/tin of beans/4ltr carton of milk etc) Come on you CAN DO IT!! Track your daily food and drink via myfitnespal app too. Who’s in??? Email fellows52@gmail.com to register T-shirt awarded upon completion!!